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Securing Jenkins on GKE with IAP

Jenkins is a self-contained, open source, automation tool written in Java and has plugins mostly built for continuous integration purposes. You...

How to successfully run Jenkins inside a Kubernetes Cluster?

Jenkins is a free and open-source automation server. It assists you to set up a continuous integration or continuous delivery for various...

How to configure Jenkins with High Availability?

In our quest for faster application development, we have invented, tested, and implemented several practices that have revolutionized the way we...

Build your CI/CD with AWS CodePipeline and Elastic Beanstalk

DevOps is fast becoming a standard right now and CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment) is the term often associated...

How to make your application highly scalable and highly available with Corosync and DRBD file sync?

High-Availability Cluster is a group of computers with a purpose to increase the uptime of services, by making sure that a failed machine is...

Development redefined with Docker

Docker is one popular technology amongst people working on containers. And why not considering the advantages it offers when it comes to...


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