Flexible work hours, WFH, and we gladly accept nocturnal animals and creatures of the night including vampires. We celebrate every inch of distance we cover towards our summit of success and we party hard like there is no tomorrow.


Why choose Opcito as your next career move?

At Opcito, we aim to provide enthusiastic & talented individuals a career prospect that will add an accomplishing domain experience & skills and at the same time help us deliver ground-breaking solutions for our customers. We aren’t held back by hierarchy; we work amongst friends. We are a dynamic organization where we believe synergy can do miracles and that every individual can make a big difference.


  • 01_Leadership and growth-2 Don't work for us; work with us!

    Leadership and growth opportunities for everyone

  • 02_Excellent client and-1 Excellent client and projects portfolio

    With great clients come great technologies and projects

  • 03_Equal opportunity employer-1 Equal opportunity employer

    We value 'what you are' and not 'who you are'

  • 04_More focus on a balanced-1 Family first!

    We focus more on a balanced life than work-life balance

  • 05_Employee-friendly-2 You complete us!

    Employee-friendly work policies and flexible work hours

  • 06_Comprehensive healthcare-1 Healthy you means healthy us!

    Comprehensive healthcare benefits to cover your basic needs

  • 07_Sponsored certifications and-1 One step ahead!

    Sponsored certifications and eLearning subscriptions

  • Outing and Party01 Revive!

    Work hard, play harder with team outings, treks, and office parties


Here at Opcito, we believe in developing amazing products, but we know that’s not nearly enough. Our culture and our people are our most VALUABLE assets. We are thinkers and are really passionate about the technologies we work with. We are official partners with some of the big names in the technology domain. We ensure our employees are well-versed with timely training, certifications, interactive sessions with industry leaders, and exposure to emerging technologies. We believe that our people should never stop learning and try to make efforts to incorporate new ideas into the work. Because an organization’s success is a result of every individual’s contribution.

Some thoughts by some of our own people on what it means to be an Opcitian

Passion for innovation

"The best thing about working at Opcito is the work environment. It provides a perfect blend of learning opportunities and challenging work. You can get your hands-on experience with new tools, technologies, and platforms, which makes working at Opcito so much more satisfying and fun."

- Jayesh Kulkarni

"I have been working with Opcito for more than a year now, and every day, I see my fellow developers coming to work with the same hunger and passion for creating cutting-edge products. This keeps you motivated to give your best every day."

– Akash Rayewar

"Opcito is more than just a company or a job for me. This is the organization I have grown up with and believe in. Other companies may mention SYNERGY as their core value, but here in Opcito, you will actually realize what it truly means."

– Neha Nemade

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