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Continuous everything with our robust CI/CD pipelines. Bridge the Dev and Ops gap with a perfectly built continuous delivery pipeline for your applications.

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Deliver frequent upgrades and code changes with high reliability with Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices. Adopting CI/CD is slowly becoming a de facto practice for agile and DevOps teams to continuously deliver high-quality and secured code while meeting business requirements. Modern applications require frequent code changes and integrations using a variety of tools & platforms, ultimately leading to the need for a solid pipeline that will enable CI and CD. Continuous integration enables faster code changes more frequently, leading to better code quality and greater collaboration. And robust continuous delivery pushes these code changes to testing, production, or development environments in an automated way.


Why Opcito for CI/CD?

At Opcito, we understand the pace of new software development and release practices. We are a part of the agile revolution long enough to understand your need to provide development solutions at a fast pace. We believe in building robust continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines for your application development processes using the latest and the best possible tool stack integrated with all necessary security measures. Automation is a vital cogwheel of the process that helps us minimize manual effort and human intervention. Automation directly translates to reduced errors and faults. Detection of errors and rolling back codes become extremely easy when issues are detected early with a sound CI/CD model. We leverage tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitLab, Buddy, Travis CI, and Codeship to ensure pace, transparency, and security that boosts overall efficiency.

Opcito’s CI/CD Guarantees

Faster Delivery With Automation

With Opcito's seamless CI/CD pipelines, organizations can make changes, comit, and delpoy the code multiple times a day with minimum hassle. We enable the integration between multiple systems, frameworks, and tools so that teams can build, test, and deploy features with effective automation. 

Minimized Errors And Easy Restorations

With the shift left approach, we ensure testing and security measures from the earliest stages to minimize errors. With automation and version control in place rolling back code changes quickly is just a matter of clicks. With our robust CI/CD pipeline errors & faults are detected & isolated so that the rest of the applications stay operational. 

Extensive logs For Boosted Accountability & Transparency

We leverage the best log monitoring and management platforms such as Solarwinds, Splunk, Sumologic, Datadog, Logstash for enhanced observability and transparency.  

Accelerated Release Cycles With Improved MTTR

With iterative code changes and quicker fault isolation we keep failures to a bare minimum. With superior quality code and standardized delivery we ensure accelerated application delivery with the least possible MTTR. 

Opcito’s CI/CD Services

Build and integration automaton

Build and Integration Automaton

Our integration automation ensures minimum human interference, reducing efforts and human error. Integration automation helps systems automatically integrate to provide a seamless CI/CD process. Integration automation platforms allow the API orchestration of tools, enabling different infrastructure parts to coordinate and process data with ease. 

Release automation

Release Automation

Application release automation is crucial for agile software development teams and helps them collaborate on their programming using version control utilities. It helps speed up the software development process with better code testing, faster rollout of new features, and quicker application of security patches with little downtime. 

CI-CD with AWS

CI/CD with AWS

If AWS is your preferred infrastructure and tools provider, we can leverage AWS tools like CodeCommit, CodeArtifact, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline to build you an efficient and responsive CI/CD pipeline.

CI-CD With Azure

CI/CD with Azure

If Azure is your preferred infrastructure and tools provider, we can leverage Azure tools like Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Artifcats, Azure Pipeline, and Azure Test Plans to build you an efficient and responsive CI/CD pipeline. 

CI-CD with GCP

CI/CD with GCP

With GCP evolving and coming with cutting-edge tools and platforms, we can help you adapt your CI/CD pipelines using tools from GCP such as Cloud Source Repositories and Cloud Build.

Customized CI-CD Implementation

Customized CI/CD Implementation

We recognize that every organization operates differently and has different goals and preferred tech stacks. We design your DevOps and CI/CD frameworks to best suit your organizational preference. We work closely with your development team to understand the business and build a process to suit the organization. 

Want to build robust CI/CD pipelines? Talk to our experts