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Secure your DevOps initiatives by integrating continuous monitoring and security into your DevOps processes.

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Agile and automation have made the development processes faster than ever. However, relying on the automation chain without appropriate monitoring and security measures may result in expensive rework or worse. Your continuous testing initiatives combined with efficient monitoring such as server monitoring, network monitoring, and application monitoring must be in place to keep a check on essential parameters. Identifying errors earlier can save considerable loss of time & effort and costs to a great extent. Security protocols, firewalls, tools, and SecOps practices in production and non-production environments play a crucial role in keeping the entire data, application, and infrastructure safe so that your end customers can choose your application without a second thought.


Why Opcito For DevSecOps?

Opcito believes a f00l-proof monitoring and security setup can guarantee an optimal customer experience. We ensure your security can match the speed of continuous integration and delivery through a robust security & monitoring setup. Continuous testing, shift left, endpoint security measures, and efficient monitoring are some of the vital components of any security setup. We combine these practices, DevSecOps framework, and the best security tools to ensure security at each point in the SDLC. Implementing end-to-end DevSecOps framework and practices to reduce vulnerability in the code, and secure microservices & containers, cloud, & infrastructure lead to heightened security - translating to delighted customers.

Opcito's DevSecOps Guarantees

Streamline Monitoring Across All Environments

We help you with security and compliances implementations to avoid bottlenecks by streamlining security monitoring across build, test, and production environments, in private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

Enhanced Application Quality

With our automated code review & testing, proactive monitoring, and security frameworks, we ensure zero errors, operation glitches, and security threats for enhanced application quality and user experience.

Track Business Performance

We help you track key business and business metrics performance indicators so that improvements can be continuously made to the application deployments and delivery pipeline with continuous learning and feedback received. 

Alerts And Notifications

Regular monitoring and on-demand scans ensure continuous watch on your environment to dynamically monitor all your cloud and on-premises assets and alert & notify in case of any vulnerability.

Cost-effective & Rapid Software Delivery

Security problems cause delays in a non-DevSecOps environment, and fixing codes can be expensive and time-consuming. Applying security patches and monitoring processes minimizes these risks, making the process more efficient and cost-effective

Opcito's Monitoring & Security Services:

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Also known as infrastructure or resource monitoring, server monitoring gathers server performance information. It provides statistics and reports on various server performance areas like CPU loads, disk space left, and RAM consumption. 

Network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Monitoring and examining your network's data flow is crucial. Monitoring tools can help you monitor incoming requests and identify security risks and compliance issues throughout the operations lifecycle. 

Application performance monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Measuring application performance is essential, and application performance monitoring tools track metrics like server response time and completion time. Application performance issues must be detected and fixed to keep the performance of services as intended. 

DevOps security assessment and planning

DevOps Security Assessment and Planning

With our DevOps security and compliance audit, we assess your DevOps processes for gray areas in security and use our DevSecOps practices with appropriate tools to achieve impeccable DevOps security.

Incident management

Incident Management

Managing incidents like network and hardware failures, resource exhaustion, misconfiguration, software bugs, and data inconsistencies play a role in the speed and accessibility of the application. With our alerting and incident response automation we help you respond to and tackle any incidents as soon as they are detected.

Governance and compliance

Governance and Compliance

We manage and maintain application, data, and infrastructure security compliances throughout the application lifecycle and operations by securing data, access, storage, and transmission, using automated policy enforcement. 

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