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Your Cloud, Our Expertise - Let Us Take Your Business To The Next Level.
Day-to-day cloud infrastructure management is time-consuming and needs an expert to handle the daily challenges the cloud brings. Opcito provides expert end-to-end cloud management services, so you can focus more on growing your business. Optimizing cloud resources is essential to keep a tab on costs.
Our managed private cloud services and managed cloud infrastructure help free up the bandwidth of your tech teams. At the same time, we do the heavy lifting of managing your daily cloud operations so you concentrate on delivering more customer value.
Our cloud experts are well-versed with all leading cloud providers to provide managed services such as AWS managed services, Azure managed services, and GCP managed services. We help you continually adapt and evolve your cloud to keep up with dynamic trends and requirements. Our holistic services as a managed cloud service provider ensure a worry-free cloud adaptation and management experience.
We have been in the industry long enough to understand the intricacies of cloud management and managed cloud security. We specialize in end-to-end cloud infrastructure management, cloud security, automation, upgrade, and day-to-day cloud management & managed cloud solutions. Our team of experienced professionals are highly skilled in managing cloud storage, taking on projects of different sizes and helping augment your cloud infrastructure’s performance through our cloud managed services offerings.
We have been delivering engineering excellence with a committed team of experts delivering services at the highest standard while sticking to stringent timelines and budgets, making us a trustworthy cloud infrastructure managed services provider. We leverage the latest available cloud technologies & tools to achieve accelerated growth and help you thrive in an ever-increasing, ever-demanding market. We assist clients in staying on top with infrastructure management, security, automation, upgrades, and day-to-day management of cloud infrastructure.
Infrastructure Management

We manage total cloud infrastructure – from servers to network devices and software to storage devices to ensure a lean and robust cloud performance. Our team of experts is well-versed with all leading cloud infrastructure providers and handle cloud complexities competently.

Cloud Automation

Automation is key to saving on costs and time. We automate processes to mitigate errors that arise from manual efforts, thereby improving reliability. Boost the productivity and efficiency of your team and achieve higher ROI with our cloud automation techniques.


Cloud and DevOps are all about upgrading at will and keeping up with demand and the ever-changing need of industry. Our team works round the clock to ensure that systems are up to date so that you do not miss out on the continuous integration of new features.

Cloud Security

Security is a vital part of any environment. We focus on securing the cloud environment and infrastructure right from the start. We use automated & manual security protocols to continuously track the cloud infrastructure and keep your cloud environment safe.

Opcito's Managed
Cloud Services
Cloud Assessment
and Optimization

Performance optimization needs a continuous and thorough evaluation of cloud platforms. Our proven expertise helps weed out inefficiencies in your cloud setup to boost the overall performance and efficiency.

Cloud Operations

The growing complexities of the cloud to adapt with changing market demands can become difficult to handle. We manage software, hardware, virtual and network infrastructures to create a lean and efficient CloudOps experience.

Cloud Configuration

We provide architecture guidance and bring in automation to help with a better configuration of all IT resources to ensure that the speed, agility, and performance of your cloud do not get hampered irrespective of complexity and number of servers, compute systems, resources, and other assets.

Infrastructure and
Network Management

We undertake end-to-end system administration & operations and oversee your overall infrastructure network management. Achieve reduced downtime and improve your operational efficiency with our best-in-class infrastructure and network management solutions.

Performance Testing
and Tuning

The performance of cloud systems is vital, and it may be affected by an increase in workload, resources, or data. With our continuous testing and monitoring services we monitor and test the performance of cloud systems continuously and perform fine-tuning wherever necessary to ensure your cloud applications' smooth and robust functioning.


Managing data and backing it up at the speed of faster applications can be challenging. We backup your data and keep it safe so it can be retrieved on-demand. We maintain compliance standards and assure zero performance impact with our managed backup and disaster recovery services.

Security and

Security and monitoring protocols keep the health of the cloud and IT operations in check. We perform continuous cloud environment monitoring, reporting & alerting, and respond to any concerns or red flags instantly. With our end-to-end security services, we ensure your core functions always perform to the optimum level.



By submitting, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our privacy policies, and Opcito may use the information provided for business purposes.
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