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Powering the growth of oil and gas sectors with smarter and safer transformation using accelerated digitalization technologies combined with Opcito’s tech team
Digitization of your oil and gas IT environments to stay one step ahead

The oil and gas industry is a major industry in the energy market and plays a crucial role in the global economy. Evolving energy demands and prices are motivating the industry to digitize age-old processes. The industry has welcomed the digitization wave with newer business models and investments in information. IT tech and tools are slowly becoming a critical aspect of a lot of processes. Streamlining resources flow, monitoring and security of the overall processes to match the regulations & compliances, coming to terms with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements, smart interim goals, and progressive communication are some of those areas.

To harness the full power of digitalization, the oil and gas sector will need new technologies, business models, digital processes, and perfect integration with the existing infrastructure. Opcito is helping some of the leading names in the oil and gas sector to add resiliency, scalability, efficiency, and value to their processes.

Why digitizing your oil and gas
environment is the need of the hour
Robust infrastructure
Robust infrastructure, intelligent applications, and refined processes
Intelligent automation
Intelligent automation, reduced time, and maximized delivery
Efficient collaboration
Efficient collaboration, workflow, communication, and operational efficiency
Right data, right time
Right data, right time, right insights, and right decisions
End-to-end monitoring
End-to-end monitoring for minimized risks and maximized profit
Digitization of upstream, midstream, and downstream processes to augment the delivery speeds
Accelerated development of digital solutions and integration with your IT landscape, from product development to setting up resilient supply chains with Opcito’s oil and gas industry-focused IT services

Cloud for oil and gas

Setting up the cloud infrastructure grounds up or adding the power of cloud to your existing infrastructure combined with CloudOps optimization

Product engineering and application modernization

Full-stack product and test engineering expertise to create cutting edge products or augment existing products for oil and gas industry for enhanced functionalities and improved customer experience

DevOps for Oil and Gas

Building a continuous integration and delivery pipeline with agile practices for incremental product changes or faster feature developments and enhanced automation

Supply chain management IT

Creating an agile and digital supply chain and logistics ecosystem with the modernization of your oil and gas supply chain and logistics systems
Why choose Opcito as your technology partner for your Oil and Gas IT initiatives

Proven product engineering expertise with an impeccable combined experience in developing cutting-edge products for the oil and gas industry


Certified team of automation and analytics experts to integrate cutting-edge technology into your existing infrastructure or setting up a completely new one


Faster feature enablement, product augmentation, application modernization, and continuous integration with cloud-native product development and DevOps pipelines


Ensured security and compliances of your IT processes with Opcito’s SecOps and compliances expertise

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