Continuous delivery,
faster than ever before


Faster application delivery with hardened CI/CD pipelines with Opcito’s DevOps expertise

Continuously changing application needs have forced organizations to adopt modern software development culture and practices. The software delivery approach has shifted from project-based implementations to continuous evolution. DevOps and agile practices with robust CI/CD pipelines help organizations stay on top of these continuously changing business needs. The DevOps approach involves development and operation teams collaborating in the most effective way possible and then adopting automation and agile techniques to smoothen the IT procedures.

Opcito’s certified DevOps experts leverage industry-leading CI/CD tools and platforms. The team assesses all the possible automation avenues and addresses them with appropriate tools and practices. From the plan, code, and build stages to deploy, operate, and monitor, the DevOps pipeline is secured with SecOps tools and best practices to achieve the highest level of security. An efficient CI/CD pipeline is the biggest plus for application delivery to get quality software builds and new features in the least possible time to market. Continuous development, continuous deployment, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and constant monitoring is the right way to do DevOps. From the current state of DevOps assessment to integrating industry-leading cloud, containers, automation, and security tools such as SaltStack, Chef, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, etc. Opcito can take your existing development practices to the next level with enterprise-grade DevOps.

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