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Growing computing and infrastructure needs have made businesses switch their approach from in-house to embracing Cloud. Cloud service providers and platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, OpenStack are providing cutting-edge storage, networking, and analytics services. Now, it is up to organizations, from startups, SMEs to enterprises, to intelligently use these to craft and add value to their SaaS & PaaS applications and services.


Opcito has been helping enterprises through their cloud adoption journey with cloud professional services. 


Migration Services

Migrate existing applications and data from physical and virtual environments to any public/private/hybrid/multi cloud platform through efficient strategies, management, and orchestration for optimization on IT expenditure and efficiency front


Managed Cloud Services

Ensured efficient operation, monitoring, reporting, and management of cloud-based services including performance assurance testing, backup, recovery, and technical support to automate the daily business operations on cloud 


Integration Services

Integrating applications with cloud resources like storage, databases, repositories, and IT environments with the right tools and technologies for the real-time exchange of data and efficient IT operation in cloud 


Cloud Automation

Reducing manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing of cloud workloads with the automation of public/private/hybrid cloud environments with optimized processes and efficient tools 


Security & Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and protection of virtualized IPs, data, applications, services, virtual & cloud resources, and infrastructure with for resolving security risks and ensuring overall environment safety 

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