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Unlock the true potential of your supply chain with our SCM and logistics transformation technology services
Redefining the resiliency, agility, and sustainability of your Supply Chain and Logistics efficiency with the new age technologies

In a world that never stops, keeping your delivery pace up with the demand is an arduous task. Supply chain & logistics have been the backbone of the global economy & industries. Growing demands, stakeholders, the importance of timely delivery, and complexities call for a capable technology to be integrated with your supply chains.

The Supply chain industry is often more about planning than leveraging the software tools & technology stack and budget optimization. The right technology can do wonders for your SCM. From demand management to the actual delivery, an efficient SCM can facilitate all the essential ingredients with appropriate technology. Building a resilient supply chain backed with a scalable infrastructure, enabled by the right digital process automation, and zero supply chain risks can help you redefine your supply chain and logistics processes of today for a better tomorrow.

Why your Supply Chain and
Logistics IT setup needs modernization
Integration and practical information sharing
Integration and practical information sharing across the supply chain
Efficient communication and process automation
Efficient communication and process automation for improved services
Lower inventory costs
Lower inventory costs and delivery times
Effective analytics
Effective analytics for precise decision making
Maximized visibility
Maximized visibility, minimized risks, and environmental impact
Modernization of your supply chain and logistics systems with agile and digital approach
Adopt cutting-edge infrastructure, refined processes, and insights with data and analytics technology for a faster and better customer experience with Opcito's supply chain and logistics industry expertise and services

Cloud infrastructure for SCM

Establishing security-hardened and scalable infrastructure or revamping existing infrastructure for your supply chain and logistics operations by leveraging leading cloud providers and technologies with Opcito's cloud computing services

Product engineering for SCM and logistics

Developing a new product or modernizing your existing applications for a unified view of Enterprise Asset Management, Freight Management, Terminal Operations Management, and Logistics applications with powerful User Interfaces

DevOps for SCM

Faster application delivery and rapid feature enablement with agile methodologies and CI/CD pipelines for faster innovations & development, improved operational efficiencies and service delivery with Opcito’s DevOps expertise for SCM

Monitoring and Analytics for SCM and Logistics

Ensuring efficient functioning with end-to-end monitoring and flawless decision-making with insights from real-time analysis of data from your supply chain and logistics system ingredients

Automation-driven SCM systems

Optimum automation using the latest technology for your supply chain management and logistics system with increased throughput time & productivity and decreased cycle time & operating costs
Why choose Opcito for your Supply Chain and Logistics IT needs

Product engineering expertise with an impeccable combined experience for enhanced agility and user experience


Automation experts with an in-depth understanding of leveraging leading automation tools and platforms for possible automation avenues in your supply chain and logistics processes


Guaranteed secured operations with data management, managed security, network monitoring and management, Identity & Access Management, continuous monitoring and analytics solutions, business continuity, and Disaster Recovery


Integration expertise for flawless integration between your existing infrastructure, application, and processes with advanced contemporary IT systems


IT Modernization expertise for re-engineering legacy applications and storage systems by leveraging cloud and containers coupled with the best DevOps practices for efficient and faster application delivery


Impeccable understanding of tomorrow's supply chain needs and revamping your existing systems to stay one step ahead of the contemporaries

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