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Ensure reliability for your agile, cloud-native, and multi-cloud applications with efficient, scalable, and automated SRE Practices. Opcito's SRE team with certified SRE engineers helps assess, design, implement, automate, and optimize site reliability for critical applications and production environments. Coherent monitoring with proactive detection and automated recovery actions reduces Mean Time To Repair and significantly improves uptime and cost-effectiveness. Combined DevOps SRE services enable your engineering initiatives with maximum system availability, latency, and performance with Opcito's 24/7 Support.


Why Opcito For SRE?

We have established ourselves as pioneers in the industry, working with leading organizations of all sizes. Our experience over the years has led to setting up robust processes and techniques for SRE. We conduct an end-to-end assessment of your platform & tools and ensure your infrastructure is secure and highly functional. Our expertise in monitoring and incident management ensure your systems are always functioning to their best capacity, and you experience zero downtime. Opcito's SRE engineers follow standardized protocols and processes to monitor & fix errors, ensuring reliable and highly scalable software solutions.

Opcito’s SRE Guarantees

Better Metrics Reporting

SRE offers clarity by monitoring and measuring the occurrence of bugs, service health, efficiency, and productivity. This is used for measuring tangible elements like average downtime and its impact on lost revenue due to downtime. SREs use these metrics to find better solutions to problems and prevent bugs and other issues in the future. 

More Time To Create Value

Monitoring helps developers resolve potential issues in advance to spend more time focusing on developing new features instead of firefighting. Simply put, a reliable system enables developers to spend more time building new features to create more value for end-users. 

Early Issue Prevention

Rapid product development undoubtedly helps you stay ahead of the competition, but it can also invite problems like bugs and software vulnerabilities. SRE solves these issues by practicing proactive troubleshooting and detecting issues at an early stage. Early issue detection boosts the reliability of the product, ensuring happy customers. 

Increased Automation

SRE engineers focus on finding the best ways to modernize workflows through automation. They also detect bugs & vulnerabilities and continuously improve their workflow. Increased automation and using machine learning to identify & fix bugs lead to an improved level of reliability of services and systems. 

Meeting Customer Expectations

SREs always focus on the customer and meeting their expectations. This is achieved by relying on metrics like SLA, SLI, and SLO, which boost reliability and ROI.

A Bridge Between Dev and Ops

SRE bridges the gap between development teams and operations teams. We enable site reliability engineers to find ways to improve their communication by implementing and enhancing automation – thereby enabling a better sync between different groups. 

Opcito's SRE Services



End-to-end assessment of existing systems, tools, platforms, environments, and practices to design a concrete plan with capacity planning, resource allocation, automation, measurable SLIs & SLOs, incident management processes, automated runbooks, and processes that can be standardized  

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management 

Eliminate common production incidents with a robust CI/CD pipeline for your DevOps SRE initiatives with the right tools and cloud-native approach that is secured, auto-scalable, and fault-tolerant with a self-healing infrastructure and application management system using change management and advanced analytics 

Monitoring and Incident Response Solutions

Monitoring and Incident Response Solutions

Real-time data analysis and proactive, automated monitoring of cloud, VMs, and containers to monitor Infrastructure health and detect issues in real-time, combined with a preemptive incident management system designed using pre-populated diagnostics and an automated step-by-step resolution guide

Post Incident Assessment

Post Incident Assessment

Audit incidents & incident response to ensure minimal risks in the future. We learn from these incidents to build more robust solutions and processes to mitigate future shortcomings. Identifying the root cause of issues helps understand the impact, avoid incidents, and improve incident response in the future 

Reliability Support

Reliability Support

Operate confidently with Opcito's SRE engineers with expertise in DevOps, Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud, and Chaos engineering that support you to standardize and automate set procedures to manage routine tasks, standard incident response practices, and reliability monitoring

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