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Embrace The Cloud And Transform Your Business With End-To-End Cloud Migration Services.
Cloud migration is pivotal because of the inherent advantages the cloud brings to your business. Opcito's technical expertise lies in working from application modernization using the cloud to legacy system migration, database migration, and infrastructure migration to the cloud. We provide end-to-end migration services to migrate your on-premises applications and workload to cloud environments, migrate from one cloud to another, or move virtual infrastructure to the cloud.
Our cloud migration consultants work as an extension of your team to help you choose the cloud that best suits your business needs and facilitate a seamless cloud application migration. Competitive pricing and quick turnaround time with zero downtime have made us a trusted partner in all types of cloud migration and cloud management services. Let's transform your business effortlessly with Opcito's cloud migration services.

Our certified team of experts have helped organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, and are experienced and skilled in taking on projects of just about any size. We are partners with leading cloud providers and have proven ourselves reliable on premise to cloud migration providers. Our high standards and proven best practices ensure you get a seamless cloud migration solution and data migration service.

Irrespective of your team's proficiency in cloud technology, we can help you define your cloud migration application strategy and set up a customized infrastructure based on your business needs. Our fine-tuned database migration process ensures zero data loss and zero downtime during transmission, giving you 100% reliability during migration.

Flawless Migration Strategy

No cloud application migration or platform migration program can be a success without a robust strategy. Our experts formulate a migration strategy based on our assessment and your input to create the most acceptable one.

Zero Compatibility Challenges

Not all apps that need migration may be compatible with the cloud environment. Also, handling large databases could be an issue. Leave your compatibility and database challenges to our experts.

Zero Downtime

Adopting the appropriate data storage strategy with an efficient backup IT environment and temporary servers ensures zero downtime.

Automation and Build Expertise

Fast, consistent, reliable builds across any cloud platform with efficient on-point automation to leverage the cloud to its optimum potential.


We help you formulate the right migration plan and execute it flawlessly so costs are always kept in check with optimum utilization of available resources.

Assured Security

Our risk assessment framework and security configuration parameters ensure data is not compromised during its most vulnerable phase – data migration with automated security processes and continuous monitoring systems.

Opcito's Cloud
Migration Services
Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning
Cloud Migration
Strategy and

We undertake cloud readiness and suitability assessments to lay the foundation for a smooth migration. Our assessment also helps you understand dependencies and the opportunities of infrastructure automation and assists with strategic transformation using the best possible cloud.

Platform Migration

We work with all leading cloud providers. We can help you assess which cloud is suitable for your needs and help you with Google cloud migration, Azure cloud migration, and AWS cloud migration to name a few. Your search for cloud-to-cloud migration ends here.

Application Migration

We follow thorough migration testing guidelines and practices to ensure seamless migration during the actual migration process. Be it architecture upgradation or forklift migration, we offer end-to-end migration for your application and all its dependencies.

Infrastructure Migration

We support legacy infrastructure migration, legacy system migration, cloud infrastructure development, and cloud modernization. To stay on top of the ever-changing cloud trends, we facilitate private and public cloud integration and complete cloud implementation and monitoring.

Storage Migration

With cloud providers offering efficient storage options, storage migration is rising, and companies need a robust database migration and management partner. We specialize in data center migration along with data storage and flow administration.

Cloud Implementation

Implementing cloud migration needs heavy component testing and building the perfect cloud implementation strategy. Our experts can handle everything from task implementation to migration backlog creation.


Get the best out of every cloud provider. A single cloud may not be enough to do everything well, so a multi-cloud approach can answer your organization's needs. We help you assess the various cloud options and choose the best service that suits your business, mitigate the commercial risk of vendor lock-in, secure your services, and harness the power of multi-cloud.



By submitting, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our privacy policies, and Opcito may use the information provided for business purposes.
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