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Top 10 cloud trends for 2023

Most of the revolutionary technological trends of recent times, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and FinOps, have been greatly influenced by the widespread adoption of cloud...

Augmenting CloudOps with Cloud Incident Response

The pandemic forced the world to discover new ways to deal with almost everything. It also changed the way we work. While we are all settled in "the new normal" - work from home scenario, it has...

Cloud Governance for Cloud Coherence

"Cloudify everything" seems to be the mantra for major enterprises. The adoption has become the new normal, and the trends of IT expenses show that cloud is one of the fastest-growing segments....

Highlights of the AWS Summit Mumbai 2018

The AWS Global Summit-athon 2018 kicked off earlier this year in March, with the first summit in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14th March 2018. So far 9 such summits out of the planned 35 have been...

Complex Infrastructure Management with Terraform and Bash Script as Wrapper

Writing infrastructure-as-code for an environment having a variety and number of cloud resources would be the most crucial job in infrastructure automation. For such complex environments, it...

From the CEO’s Desk: Ops with AWS

Amazon Web Services completed 10 years in 2016 and who would have imagined a computer and storage renting company will compete with the likes of Googles and Microsofts of the world. As a matter...


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