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OpenStack Foundation Embraces Containers with “Kata Containers”

n Dec. 5, when the enthusiastic container community was getting ready for KubeCon, the OpenStack Foundation has renewed its long-standing friendship with the announcement of a new effort called...

Highlights of OpenStack PTG, Denver 

OpenStack foundation organizes “Project Teams Gathering” every six months, mostly in Q1 and Q3, at the beginning of the development phase of a release cycle. Previously known as “Design summit”,...

Broadcasting events between controllers

There can be multiple situations where you may want a controller to be able to communicate with other controllers in your AngularJs Application. For example, you want your user to be able to...

6 OpenStack Deployment tools that are awesome for your project

Today, working in software production often comes down to continuous deployments and operating an environment distributed all over the world. Especially with the on-demand cloud services in the...


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