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8 Challenges of Adopting Microservices

Microservice adoption is skyrocketing due to the advantages it brings, especially while developing today's complex software. In one of my earlier blogs - “To Microservice or Not To Microservice...

Microservices Anti-patterns - What you need to understand before adopting Microservices?

For any software development process to be a success, a proper fundamental structure with all the elements and disciplines that will govern the overall flow and communication between them is...

Microservices simplified with NGINX app server platform

NGINX, a project started in 2002, is now a company widely appreciated for its opensource web-server platform which is rivaling the likes of Apache and Microsoft. With its position firm in...

From The CEO's Desk: To Microservice or Not To Microservice Is Not The Question

Microservices is a way of breaking large software projects into loosely coupled modules, which communicate with each other through simple protocols. Microservices is a fairly familiar term now,...


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