• Why you should be excited about Kubernetes 1.12?
    I’m a bit late writing about this release of Kubernetes. It’s already their 3rd release of 2018. Looking over the release notes and playing around with the new features is clear that the focus of the last ...
    Co­-founder / CTO
  • Kubernetes 1.11 – What to look forward to?
    Kubernetes 1.11 is the second release of the container orchestration platform this year. This release continues to expand on the themes of maturity, flexibility, and scalability. It does look like the team has been hard ...
    Co­-founder / CTO
  • From the CEO’s Desk: Deciphering containerd
    CEO’s Desk
    Ever since the ascent of containers, Docker has been valued as the most preferred container management tool. But as the technology evolved, the industry players realized that there was a need for customization in the ...
    Founder / CEO
  • What’s new in Kubernetes 1.7?
    Kubernetes is one of the popular platforms for container orchestration and management. After focusing more on the stability front in 1.6, Kubernetes 1.7 is here with more than fifty new features and ...
    Director of Engineering (DevOps)
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