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Kubernetes 1.13 is here!

Kubernetes’ final release for 2018 is here! This is the fourth release of the year and it comes just 10 weeks after the 1.12 release. Like the previous release, this release continues to focus...

Why you should be excited about Kubernetes 1.12?

I’m a bit late writing about this release of Kubernetes. It's already their 3rd release of 2018. Looking over the release notes and playing around with the new features is clear that the focus...

Kubernetes 1.11 – What to look forward to?

Kubernetes 1.11 is the second release of the container orchestration platform this year. This release continues to expand on the themes of maturity, flexibility, and scalability. It does look...

Most feature-rich release by Kubernetes - 1.10

Kubernetes 1.10 is here! This is the first major release of 2018 for Kubernetes which is fast becoming the largest and fastest growing container orchestration platform. A beta version released...

An Early Christmas Present for Kubenauts - Kubernetes 1.9

Kubernetes 1.9 is here! This is the fourth and final release of Kubernetes this year. Without further ado let's look at what the Elves have delivered in 1.9 as an early Christmas present to all...

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.7?

Kubernetes is one of the popular platforms for container orchestration and management. After focusing more on the stability front in 1.6, Kubernetes 1.7 is here with more than fifty new features...

From The CEO's Desk: Kubernetes- Container Orchestration Redefined!

For any symphony to sound mellifluous it is absolutely necessary to have an orchestrator which can make it sound so. Same is the case with containerization as Kubernetes is turning out to be a...


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