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RBAC for frontend and backend using Keycloak

User authentication is necessary to safeguard your organization's data and systems. Granting system/data access to a person that he is not supposed to access can be disastrous. A Verizon report...

Adios 2017 welcome 2018 - Opcito’s year in review

2017 is behind us and we all are welcoming 2018 with lots of joy, enthusiasm, and hopes. 2017 was a great year for automation. We saw major releases from some of the biggest contributors and new...

Kubernetes cluster monitoring and security webinar by Opcito

The Kubernetes technology is gaining huge traction within the dev community with many webinars, meetups, and KubeCons throughout the globe.

Secure your Kubernetes clusters with RBAC


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration tool to manage applications in a clustered environment. In its latest release (version 1.6), Kubernetes introduces new features...


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