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Multiply your healthcare and pharma applications efficiency with the new
age technologies

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is rapidly adopting IT innovations to provide what is more critical to the patients and medication-efficient services. An efficient IT environment and system is an integral aspect to provide these efficient services. Without efficient IT systems, the mapping of complex processes and responding to the continually shifting legal framework such as HIPPA, EU Counterfeit Medicines Directive, all the validation & security requirements are complicated. Managing the consumer experience effectively in the digital era is essential. Opcito has introduced customized services for the healthcare and pharma companies to reimagine their business models, deliver remarkable consumer services with digitization. From consulting to conception and implementation, Opcito has been supporting the healthcare and pharma industry with the right IT and business solutions.

Opcito’s comprehensive services for the Healthcare and pharma industry

DevOps services

DevOps Services

Enabling rapid feature enablement, faster innovations & development, improved operational efficiencies and service delivery in healthcare and pharma with enhanced application development capabilities through continuous development and integration.

Cloud services

Cloud Services

Improving the IT infrastructure that lies behind your healthcare and pharma applications and systems by leverage Opcito’scloud computing services in a cost-effective way.

Product & Test engineering for healthcare

Product & Test engineering for healthcare

Optimizing the performance of healthcare and pharma systems with the best in class Product & Test engineering services to build the next-generation devices, diagnostics, instruments and digital capabilities to unlock the competitive edge.

Data Engineering services

Data engineering services

Adopting the data-driven approach for streamlined operations, faster diagnostics, providing personalized and contextual care for patients with AI, Ml, enterprise data stack modernization and integration.

Blockchain for pharma and healthcare

Blockchain for pharma and healthcare

Leveraging Blockchain technologies for a broad range of applications in pharma and healthcare that includes blockchain medical records to create a shared database along with personalized health plans, medical supply chain management, and drug traceability.

Healthcare SecOps

Healthcare SecOps

Secured project management, medical device vulnerability management, security log monitoring services, risk management services, vendor management services, continuous incident monitoring, and data protection for healthcare and pharma.

Opcito’s healthcare and pharma focused software capabilities

Converting ideas into actions to bring digital transformation, stay one step ahead of the competition with opcito's healthcare & pharma technology services.

Digital Business strategies

Strategizing an objective-oriented roadmap, defining the infrastructure and application needs, designing an architecture to achieve the defined goals for elevated healthcare operations

Data-driven services

Building an ETL pipeline for all the data in your healthcare and pharma systems to efficiently utilize it for making business decisions that will help you elevate services offered


Securing the healthcare and pharma IT infrastructure and data with Identity and Access management, continuous monitoring and analytics solutions

IT Modernization

Re-engineering legacy applications and storage systems by leveraging cloud and containers coupled with the best of DevOps practices for efficient and faster application delivery

Opcito’s Healthcare and pharma focused engagement models

Opcito is one of the leading healthcare and pharma software solution providers that offer robust solutions and a great digital platform to help software companies deliver revolutionary software products.

Startup labs

Startup labs

Customized services for healthcare and pharma focused startups on ensuring expert assistance to ideate, design, and develop MVPs/POCs rapidly.

Outsourced product development

Outsourced product development

Dedicated development teams and facilities for your healthcare and pharma software products that will super-charge your application development.

Product sustenance

Product sustenance

Healthcare and pharma focused maintenance and support for your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience.

Build Operate Transfer


Building highly focused development teams, streamlining operations, and IP, infrastructure, resources, intelligence transfer for future engagements for healthcare and pharma software requirements.

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