A good high quality and resilient software product is the result of adhering to Software Quality Assurance BEST practices. This is a key aspect of the software development process which automatically improves the customer’s confidence and the product’s credibility in the market. Opcito’s expertise assists in early identification and resolution of defects, reduced time to market and most importantly, in optimizing costs to accelerate your QA needs.

TestOps Flow

Continuous QA
  • Automated software testing for agile development
  • Manage and monitor repositories using CI server
  • Accelerated test cycles by leveraging technologies like Bamboo, Jenkins, Maven, etc.
Continuous Delivery
  • Automated deployment to public or private clouds
  • Automated execution of functional, regression, or performance testing
  • Feedback mechanism enabled at strategic stages
  • Cloud auto-scaling based on application requirements
Continuous Validation
  • Automate API testing as a part of CI/CD pipeline for faster product release
  • Design and integrate different code coverage tools as a part of CI/CD pipeline for better quality
  • Efficient vulnerability and security assessment to ensure bug-free code/zero bug policy
  • Quality assurance across the entire software delivery lifecycle

Our Key Offerings

Test Plan Management

Test Plan Management

Design and implement test strategy, plan, and specification for complex applications
Test Lab Management

Test Lab Management

Design, build and manage test labs using structured test design techniques and test methodologies as per your application
Load Testing

Load Testing

Design and automate load testing strategies for APIs to validate response times and throughput of the application
Test Automation

Test Automation

Design and develop robust test automation using frameworks such as Robot for complex applications
UI Test Automation

UI Test Automation

Design and automate maximum UI test cases using frameworks such as Selenium for faster and high-quality software delivery
Tools & Frameworks

Opcito did an outstanding job! Their expertise in Test Data Management helped us achieve quality at speed for agile infrastructure development.


Sr. Project Manager, Data and Analytics Solutions Company June 20, 2017

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