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Design and develop cutting-edge solutions without compromising reliability and quality

The rise of faster application development practices has enabled incredible application delivery speeds. However, at the same time, it has created a need for efficient full-stack product engineering and reliable QA and test engineering practices. Opcito’s agile product development approach can help take your end-to-end product development to a new level and improve overall SDLC right from consulting and conceptualizing to designing user-interface, from developing to testing and deploying the product. Opcito’s team of certified cloud and product engineering experts can convert any business idea into a viable product by implementing cutting-edge product and cost-efficient product engineering services without compromising the quality.

Opcito offers end-to-end product engineering and product consulting services for organizations ranging from start-ups and ISVs to enterprises to develop ground-breaking software products. Opcito delivers feature-rich, high-quality software products across the whole software development lifecycle with a global offshore delivery model. With our customer-centric engagement models, we can innovate faster, scalable, and highly available software applications with reduced time to market. Our core product engineering and product consulting service offerings are in


Frontend Development

Competent frontend development services and powerful user interfaces delivered by leveraging industry-leading frontend tools, technologies, and platforms such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Vue.JS, React JS, Node JS to ensure top-notch solutions for your SaaS, Mobile and Web application’s frontend requirements with our UI/UX experts


Backend Development

Enterprise-grade backend development for web, mobile, and SaaS applications for faster processing and efficient management of data by leveraging new-age technologies like cloud-native development and cutting-edge architectures like microservices & serverless combined with test-driven development 


QA & Test Engineering

Automated software testing cycles for accelerated testing and continuous QA to support validations for highly agile development teams adhering to Software Quality Assurance best practices and by leveraging leading QA Technologies for web, SaaS, and mobile applications QA to enable faster and secured application rollout


Mobile Applications

Smart mobility solutions for maximized reach and to bring the efficiency of the web to all devices with Secured, robust, reliable, and flexible mobile applications development and device management diagnostics for mobile-enabled IoT solutions, GPS-based real-time tracking and monitoring software, advanced Solution for wearable devices and NVP solutions


Application Modernization

Transforming legacy applications to modernized applications by reimagining existing products with a clear application modernization roadmap, rearchitecting with modern microservices-based architecture, modernizing core IT Infrastructure with efficient product migration and cloud enablement, and faster delivery with automation


Product Sustenance Engineering

From basic bug-fixes to incident analysis, advanced troubleshooting, data migration, and technical consultation...support for your existing products at any stage with sustenance reengineering by introducing new features and functionalities with industry-leading tool-based reverse engineering, functionality enhancement practices that will extend the product life and improve profit margins

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