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QA & test engineering plays a vital role in enhancing the end-user experience. It is nearly impossible for traditional QA practices to match the speed of application delivery with newer agile software development techniques and cultural revolution like DevOps. Automated testing and agile QA practices ensure that you gain a competitive edge by releasing safe, tested, & quality software faster than ever before. A mix of QA automation, leading test tools & frameworks, manual QA efforts combined with TestOps expertise ensures faster and secured product release of your web applications, SaaS products, enterprise software, desktop applications, data, and mobile applications.


Why Opcito for QA & Test Engineering?

At Opcito, we understand the value of quality assurance & testing of applications and ensure efficient quality checks are integrated throughout the entire development lifecycle. From creating and writing the test plans to test executions and measuring the results to suggest code modifications, our test teams can play a vital role in validating the quality and functionality of the software. Our expertise is in testing new-age applications and matching the speed of next-gen software delivery systems. Our comprehensive TestOps expertise with a combination of manual and automated testing combined with the best test frameworks & techniques ensures a customized testing methodology for every customer. With our deep expertise in monitoring combined with efficient TestOps practices, we ensure not only a bug-free release but also an enhanced user experience.

Opcito's QA & Test Engineering Guarantees

Assured Quality

Replacing manual efforts with efficient automation to reduce human errors and combining it with manual testing coupled with the best TestOps frameworks is a skill. Opcito has mastered these skills with more than a decade of collective experience in TestOps and QA automation. 

TestOps at the Speed of DevOps

Matching the speed of delivery for new-age agile practices and DevOps is a challenge for many organizations. Opcito ensures that efficient testing methodologies customized for each phase of software delivery are integrated right from the start of the development process. This will ensure timely testing that will match your DevOps deliveries.

Best of QA Automation

Accelerated software delivery without compromising code can only be achieved with automation. Opcito’s hands-on experts make sure that all automation possibilities are explored and leveraged with the best possible tools available for efficient and faster QA for faster product delivery. 

Time and Cost-efficient Testing

Time is of the essence in software and application development. Bugs that go undetected are challenging to catch at later stages and may add to the costs and losses due to delayed or buggy software delivery. Our shift-left approach integrates security and testing right from the start and ensures time and cost-efficient product delivery. 

Enhanced Security

Application security is critical, mainly if you deal with sensitive customer data. Our QA testing checks for vulnerabilities at every stage of the development to keep intruders and hackers at bay. Security tests ensure that the application is trustworthy and follows modern security protocols. Gaps can be identified and fixed to leave no room for vulnerabilities. 

The Best User Experience

Our test engineering protocols optimize the interface and provide users with a satisfactory application experience. Our thorough testing parameters ensure that software glitches do not enter production and that welled software reaches customers. Providing users with what they want can help eliminate user frustration while boosting UX and customer satisfaction. 

Service Virtualization

Easily manage and simulate test environments and release high-quality software quickly at a lower cost with our service virtualization practice. Our service virtualization helps you with continuous testing practices by ensuring access to simulated testing environments. We allow testing of the behavior & emulation of service-oriented architectures, multiple cloud-based apps & APIs, and microservices, thus making AUT (applications under test) ready for testing & development purposes.

Opcito's QA & Test Engineering Services

Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Matching your continuous development practices with continuous testing methods to match the ever changing and agile software development requirements. Our agile testing methodologies follow the rules and principles of agile software development and can begin right from the start of the development process to ensure smooth, regular, and efficient delivery.

DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing

Delivering continuous and faultless cloud-based applications requires seamless collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams. We use techniques like AIOps, DevSecOps, DevTestOps, and Continuous Testing to deliver high quality test services to match the application delivery speed of your DevOps.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Our functional testing teams can help you create robust applications by performing testing that will ensure every feature of the application is performing to the expected level. We ensure this for all essential functionalities of the application with several test measures that include security testing, database testing, API testing, server and application integration testing. 

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Our engineering & performance testing teams possess rich knowledge and extensive experience in providing performance testing services to organizations of any size. We perform end-to-end performance testing and load-bearing capacity of complex applications, including cloud databases and client servers. We also undertake performance engineering testing, baseline tests, stress, load & endurance tests and constantly monitor them to ensure high performance. 

Security Testing

Security Testing

Security testing is one of the essential aspects of any organization to maintain quality while minimizing operational and financial risks. Our security and application penetration testing practices expose & flag application vulnerabilities, reduce risks, in time and take quality assurance to the next level.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Automation is highly essential for organizations, especially ones with complex structures that look to save time and costs. Running manual tests for large lines of code is time-consuming & quite impossible. We use an advanced testing infrastructure that houses innovative automation frameworks and automation tools to help you save time and costs associated with testing.

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