Opcito offers competitive solutions for container orchestration with Kubernetes. We help clients manage Kubernetes clusters on top of bare metal, GKE, AWS, and Azure or other cloud infrastructure based on your needs.

Deploy Kubernetes on cloud

Deploy Kubernetes on Cloud

Our experts help startups and enterprises architect, build, manage and operate highly scalable applications using Kubernetes on public clouds. We enable development teams to iterate quickly while making sure that the applications deployed are highly available and can scale elastically on demand

Application modernization using Microservices

Application Modernization using Microservices

Our team assists companies in containerizing existing legacy applications and redesigning build systems as well as deployment pipelines for a container deployment. We also help our clients migrate to microservice-based application architectures using Kubernetes for container orchestration

Build on-premise solutions

Build on-premise Solutions

Opcito helps companies deploy highly available, scalable, and resilient mission-critical applications within their own infrastructure via containers. We help our clients organize and orchestrate applications across their entire infrastructure to enable business agility and effectiveness

Container security

Container Security

Our team not only helps our clients move to a fully containerized environment, but we also help clients secure the container, the CI/CD pipeline, and the container orchestration infrastructure

Opcito’s Kubernetes Services

Automate Deployment

Automated deployment of Kubernetes via custom scripts on premise and on public cloud.

Integrate Environments
Integrate multiple Kubernetes environments into Continuous Deployment pipelines.
Kubernetes Plugins
Custom Kubernetes plugin development for DevOps applications.
Consultation Services
Assistance for operating and managing Kubernetes deployments.
Security Services
Security consulting for container based environments running on Kubernetes cluster.
Serverless Platform
Build serverless platforms on top of Kubernetes clusters.

Deployment Tools

KOPS i.e. Kubernetes operation is an open source command line interface that manages Kubernetes deployment, installation, and upgrades.
Minikube starts a single node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM on your local machine for rapid development and testing.
Kubeadm enables you to easily install and setup Kubernetes cluster inside a VM that are up and running.
Kargo is a CLI tool to deploy a Kubernetes cluster using Ansible and also manage configuration tasks.

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