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Data is the biggest commodity and data engineering is vital to streamline your data and processing techniques in a world where the sources and forms of data are unlimited. Businesses proliferate with the power of data, and collecting raw data, converting it to usable formats, safekeeping, and storing it in easily retrievable forms significantly impacts your decision-making capacity, ultimately boosting your revenue. Our goal with data engineering is to make data accessible to the right people in the right format at the right time so that you can optimize organizational performance that is dependent on the data.


Why Opcito for Data Engineering?

Opcito's data engineers help accelerate innovation and enable your business to make data-backed decisions with the help of automation in data engineering. We design and create customized robust data management infrastructures and manage large pipelines that process data efficiently. Our end-to-end data management services ensure easy management of large data pipelines by efficiently capturing, processing & storing data to enable better analytics that gets the best out of your business. All this is done keeping in mind the sensitivity, safety, and security of data and the systems that process and house it. Our support teams ensure you never face challenges with data handling, and all your queries are resolved with SLA-based approach.

Opcito's Data Engineering Guarantees

Strong Data Infrastructure

We help in setting up the right data infrastructure by keeping in mind the database and ETL automation needs with cloud, microservices, modern files & data services, and workload optimization for faster data aggregation, analysis and reporting. 

End-to-end Data Management

Boost the efficiency of your data processing & storage while considerably bringing down costs with better automation, eliminating the duplication of production data by automating data distribution, data segregation, data sanitization, retention, and clean-up management.

Data Safety & Protection

Maintain the organization's integrity by keeping your data safe from possible attacks and threats with data protection, network security, and disaster recovery capabilities combined with encryption, pseudonymization, access controls, and automated backup & recovery.

Data Governance

Embrace a data processing culture with data governance and regulatory compliances for controlled data sharing, optimum retention management, user content governance practices, and case assessments. A strong ETL pipeline ensures easy handling of large cloud data volumes. 

Data Quality Checks

Regular, automated data quality checks monitor, identify and fix data quality to deliver trusted insights with real-time search indexing capabilities combined with de-duplication practices that enrich the data quality, boost productivity, and help with greater ROI.

Opcito's Data Engineering Offerings

Data Processing

Data Processing

Automated data collection, processing, and storage in easily readable formats by creating a standard data structure and scalable data processing, data lakes, and data warehouse setups for easy retrieval and management of data

Build ETL-ELT Data Pipelines

Build ETL/ELT Data Pipelines

Build intelligent data pipelines that are cloud-agnostic and interoperable and that help you Extract, Transform, Load or Extract, Load, Transform the data with strong change data capture, data ingestion, and automation techniques

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Design and implement analytics solutions with functionalities to address your current data analytics needs and efficient data visualization of your descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics

Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Simplified cloud data storage, processing, and management through efficient data architecture through design optimization and custom data models that work best for your organizational vision and goals

Data Warehousing and Mining

Data Warehousing and Mining

Organizing and compiling data into the best possible database for your requirements with data warehousing and effective fetching from databases with least possible time with data mining

Leverage Big Data

Leverage Big Data

Break down and visualize complex structured and multi-structured data to drive decision-making with simplified multidimensional or large volumes of data to get a micro-level understanding of intricacies

Data Lake Implementation

Data Lake Implementation

Expand business data architecture and store more data while spending less on resources with dynamic data storage structures, real-time batch processing, and data lake optimization to save time and to perform faster searches

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