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The emergence of novel technologies and using these emerging technologies for valuable insights have gained much traction in the IT world. These emerging technologies are continuously changing the way organizations operate. The improvements in the level of services offered to the customers is one evident example of the impact of emerging technologies on the organizations. The emerging software trends are mostly influenced by changing customer application consuming patterns. And every IT company's corporate strategy is bound to consider these new-age technologies. Opcito's emerging technologies services aim to deliver expert advice, insights, and convert ideas into applications. These emerging technology services mostly revolve around data operations because data is the most valuable commodity right now.

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Data Engineering

Maximize the value of data with intelligent data processing services that include collecting and processing large volumes of data from multiple sources in real-time or in batches and processing live input data streams. Opcito's big data services, such as extracting and normalizing data for consumer services, real-time search indexing, and time-series data processing, get the best out of your data. Combine them with data engineering best practices such as setting up the right data infrastructure & data lakes, building ETL pipelines with industry-leading tools like Spark, Kafka, Hadoop Ecosystem, Argo, ElasticSearch, integrating leading data engineering solutions and data governance solutions with Opcito's Data Engineering experts to power your digital Initiatives.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Opcito's analytical and methodological approach to design algorithms and integrate them with the pertinent technologies and customized data modeling solutions and services such as recommendation engines, predictive analytics, sentiment analytics, DevOps analytics, and data warehousing and mining can help your businesses take the decisions that matter. Opcito leverages advanced intelligent solutions such as chatbots development, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and cognitive process automation to enable enterprises to become data-driven and artificial intelligence-driven for continuously leveraging data.

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