Embrace DevOps to ensure
zero downtime deployment continuous integration continuous deployment enhanced code quality faster product delivery

Opcito’s DevOps offerings

Better application delivery with increased reliability and speed than before by developing robust CI/CD pipelines allowing rapid on-boarding of applications and automated workflows to ensure code quality and zero downtime deployments with Opcito’s DevOps expertise

Application infrastructure automation

Automate different infrastructure platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and SaaS platforms for continuous deployment of applications with zero manual effort

Continuous delivery

Reduce software delivery cycles by automating continuous integration and continuous deployment for better agility

Continuous monitoring

Monitor applications, resources, and environment with the help of tools and frameworks for security and risk management


Design and automate continuous integration and continuous deployment processes for microservice-based applications allowing for quick independent releases of microservices in the application

Zero Downtime deployment

Implement and manage production environments that allow Zero Downtime Deployment of enterprise apps

DevOps assessment

Collect, analyze, and assess configurations, tools, frameworks, environments, systems/network level metric data points and existing processes for resource optimization and transition to practices that will ensure perfect harmony with the DevOps philosophy

Platform and technology stack

Stay up to date with the latest and the best from the world of automation!