Containers are definitely here to stay. They offer a neat solution to get software to run reliably across environments while addressing demand-based scaling, resource management, resource isolation and shorter application response time. Opcito team is highly proficient in application containerization technology and helps customers to design and develop microservice architecture based application to achieve better scale and agility using Docker, CoreOs, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos.

Container Management

  • Re-architect your existing legacy applications to microservices based architecture for better use of containers
  • Automate continuous deployment of independent microservices on containers for better agility and cost
  • Manage application dependencies and provide insight into release and deployment status
Governance and Compliance Management
  • Automate compliance and security procedures to track your service’s data and ensures that it meets all compliance and security requirements
  • Secure and reliable migration between application environments
  • Best fit cloud model for applications and make easier planned application migrations
Automation and Deployment
      • Build, deploy and manage application lifecycle from development to production environments ensuring consistency and scalability using containers
      • Auto deployment of microservices that are developed and released independently
Application Modernization
      • Manage clusters for containers to make applications resilient, highly available and scalable
      • Redesign your legacy application as per business needs

Our Key Offerings

Container Native Apps

Container Native Apps

Assessment of existing infrastructure, applications, and deployments for transition to containerized environments for better scale and agility


Migrate existing complex application environments to containerized environment with automation
Product Engineering


Integrate container security standards for your containerized application environments


Automate deployment of container clustered environments as a part of continuous delivery of your application for better scale


Design and develop microservices architecture based applications for the better use of containers

Tools & Frameworks

With Opcito’s help we were able to deploy and scale our microservice based application and manage our container based app-lifecycle. Our point of contact from Opcito was phenomenal and helped us cross the line without major hiccups. Chief Engineer Boston based software company

Chief Architect, Enterprise Infrastructure Management Company June 20, 2017

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