Deploy and run your application anytime anywhere with Containers for
demand-based scaling optimized resource management efficient resource isolation shorter application response time

Opcito’s ContainerOps offerings

Design and develop microservice architecture based applications with high scalability and agility with our container expertize and leading container platforms such as Docker, CoreOs, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos.

Container-Native app development

Assess existing infrastructure, applications, and deployments for a transition to containerized environments for better scale and agility


Migrate existing complex applications and application environments to a containerized environment with automation

Container orchestration

Organize and orchestrate every component and application layers across multiple containers with orchestrators such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift, Mesos, etc.

Container automation

Design and develop multi-container management and orchestration solutions for automated provisioning and managing of computing workloads

Container security

Governance and compliance management, container security standards integration for secure containerized application environments

Container monitoring

Monitor performance across environments to provide a collection of unique custom metrics using tools such as Datadog, Prometheus, Zabbix, cAdvisor, Sysdig, etc.

Platform and technology stack

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