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Containers have redefined the application development with its OS-level virtualization for faster, reliable, consistent, efficient, and continuous delivery. Containers enable faster delivery because of the small size, and all the application dependencies packaged together. Moreover, containers offer consistent runtime environments, application sandboxing, and low overhead, which has made them widely popular. Containers can run anywhere on Mac or Linux or Windows; on virtual machines or bare metal; in-house or in data centers or on the cloud. And popular standard container image formats like Docker and OCI enhance the portability. Containers are faster, portable, secure, efficient, and lighter on disks. And with Opcito’s containerization services, you can embrace continuous delivery with container-native application development, migration, automation, orchestration, monitoring, and security to deploy and run distributed applications. Here are some of the highlighting services that we offer 

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Application Containerization

Application Containerization

Create, deploy, scale application with reliable and rapid application delivery by leveraging OS-level virtualization method used to deploy and run distributed applications using leading containerization platforms and technologies such as Amazon Elastic Container Service, EKS, Azure Container Services ACS, Docker, Kubernetes and securing containerized applications with RBAC, service mesh implementation, Kubernetes hardening, container runtime protection, and container QA services

Container Management and Orcastration

Container Management & Orchestration 

Upload, organize, run, scale, manage and stop containers compute instances, leverage the load balancing and scheduling capabilities, quick deployment of container environments and an excellent orchestration using leading orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher Labs, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos for responsive, secured and stable container environments

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