Real-time monitoring automation for a security solution

Real-time monitoring automation for a security solution


Engagement details - The customer is a cloud data security solutions startup with solutions for cloud-native applications and infrastructure security. The customer wanted to automate the process of uncovering data security loopholes by analyzing their customer's cloud account. The requirement was to show the security loopholes on the UI so that the end-user could take the necessary corrective action and avoid any security threats around these loopholes. The analysis of data and identification of threats needed to be real-time irrespective of the size of the data involved.


Technologies –

  • AWS: CloudFormation Stack, EventBridge, SQS, SNS, and EC2
  • Backend: Python FastAPI with AWS DocDB
  • UI: ReactJS
  • Test Automation: Selenium with Python

Benefits -

  • Bolstered security with real-time analysis 

  • A single unified view for user convenience

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