Infrastructure migration, automation, and monitoring for a CLM application

Case Study_01


Engagement details - The client has one of the leading contract lifecycle management solution for the legal and business needs of their 500+ enterprise customers. It was becoming a challenge to manage and automate the existing application infrastructure, that was on Rackspace. The reason behind this was the limitations of available expertise and resources. The client was looking for a multi-tenant infrastructure capable of automating the complete production and deployment with a build optimization strategy. Opcito suggested migrating from Rackspace to AWS infrastructure and highlighted the automation possibilities with AWS by leveraging some of the AWS services like AWS RDS & Blue-Green Deployment combined with Jenkins, Chef, and MongoDB.


Technologies – Cloud migration, product engineering, CLM


Benefits -

  • Reduced infrastructure expenditure by 55%.
  • Reduced new client onboarding time by 27% with faster and streamlined lifecycle management.
  • Zero downtime and continuous check on the environmental health status with a robust centralized logging and monitoring system.

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