Charity management platform for a fintech organization

Charity management platform for a fintech organization


Engagement details - The customer is a social fundraising organization that connects individual donors, companies, and nonprofit organizations. Managing donations was challenging without a dedicated mechanism and a streamlined process. The customer wanted to build a platform that encouraged regular contributions while also providing a space for dedicated agencies to collaborate and receive grants. Opcito built a multi-channel platform that brings companies, nonprofit organizations, and employees together in a revolutionized donation ecosystem. The platform comprises two main parts: a corporate portal and a donor portal, each designed to cater to the specific needs of their respective users. With this solution in place, the customer successfully tackled the challenges of managing donation programs while fostering a community of giving.


Technologies –

  • UI design: Vue.js
  • Back-end: PHP Laravel
  • Database: MySQL
  • Hosting and DR: AWS

Benefits -

  • Reduced turnaround time by 95%
  • Reduced manual efforts to almost zero
  • Provided a seamless collaboration platform
  • Created a mechanism to securely store donor details

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