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Posted by Opcito on March 18, 2016

*Drum rolls* Tada!

Hello and Welcome readers! Please make yourself all comfy with your steaming cuppa and prop those feet up. Welcome to the Opcito Blog, which we promise, isn't like a formal straight laced corporate blog. Why? Because we simply love what we do. We do not do it for a living, but live to do it. Then, what do we believe in? We believe in innovation and helping you revolutionize your product. Wondering who we are? Check out our team of super smarts on the About Us page.

The name Opcito is an evocative amalgamation of the words, ‘Operations’ and a Latin term ‘Cito’ which means Rapid, Quick or Fast. Curious about what we do? Well, we believe designing and developing niche Microservices Architecture is our forte. We provide services like Full stack product engineering, Analytics, QA/automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery using cutting edge technology like containers and the cloud. We do quite a bit more, to find out,  click on the Services or Expertise Tabs.

We also believe in contributing to innovation, so that our know-how is passed on to everyone and anyone who seeks information, just as we were bequeathed with the same.  So what do we blog about? Pretty much everything we face, from the silliest bug to the mother dragon of new technologies.

You, dear readers, would be part of our caravan, travelling across the desert of slip ups and frustrating bugs (Yes, we make puns too!) towards the oasis of knowledge (or perfect code). Speak out in the comments section below to get involved. Or just sit back, relax and enjoy reading our blog!

Next stop: New hot container technology, Docker

Team Opcito

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