Adios 2017 welcome 2018 - Opcito’s year in review

Abhijit Kharat
Posted by Abhijit Kharat on January 4, 2018

2017 is behind us and we all are welcoming 2018 with lots of joy, enthusiasm, and hopes. 2017 was a great year for automation. We saw major releases from some of the biggest contributors and new products and services from the tech giants in CloudOps, TestOps, ContainerOps, and DevOps areas. This included 4 new releases from orchestration experts Kubernetes, Prometheus 2.0, Moby and Linuxkit from Docker, Kata containers from OpenStack, Heptio Ark, RBAC, Angular 4, React JS, etc.

Previously, we only had smart people, smartphones, and smart gadgets but 2017 gave us smart homes too, and Opcito wasn’t holding back either. We moved to our smart new office in Pune India in April 2017, thanks to the incredible growth trajectory we are on and the ever-increasing workforce resulting in our 3rd relocation in as many years. The new office will endow Opcitians with fully equipped workstations, conference rooms, recreational area, and much more. In terms of headcount, Opcito has seen a threefold increase in past 12 months and it feels good with a bigger family of ignited minds. Opcito has crossed another milestone on the journey and we are glad to announce that we have started our new office in Sydney. Now we can definitely serve the increasing demands from ANZ and south-east Asian region in a much better way.

Welcome 2018

On the rich media and technological resources front, where our geeks always wanted to contribute to rest of the geek community, we started a webinar series that promises to help like minded folks enrich their knowledge and technical blogs which were a big success. We received huge applause from fellow technocrats and we are all geared up to continue so in 2018. Same was the case with our customer success stories and whitepapers, where we advocated the use of latest automation tools and services and how it has helped Opcito to better serve our automation aficionados.

On the business side, our revenues were 107% higher than the previous year, thanks to our new and old customers. To contribute to the technical community and to deliver better services to our customers, Opcito joined hands with big names from the container world like Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

Going ahead in 2018, we will explore new technological avenues around and in the automation space and grow our client base and organizational progress at a steady pace. We pledge to help our customers benefit from the latest and the best from the cloud and container space, optimizing practices for DevOps while continuing to improve security aspects. Our focus will be on Security as Code, ChatOps, cloud-native product engineering, container security, security for serverless architectures, application modernization and much more. So, stay tuned because the new year has just begun.

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