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Opcito has been delivering engineering excellence for Enterprises, ISVs, and Startups.

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Opcito leverages leading cloud platforms like AWS cloud, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, IBM cloud, etc. to provide SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services. Opcito’s certified engineering teams have delivered cloud-native development, application & data migration, cloud product engineering, and cloud security projects using sophisticated and agile development methodologies.


Enabling faster application delivery with containerization using leading container technologies such as Docker, Azure Container Services, AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), Ansible, Rancher, etc. Opcito has transformed both Linux and Windows-based applications with production-grade container orchestration using either Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Google Container Engine, or Apaches Mesos and Container Management using leading platforms.

DevOps & CI/CD

Opcito’s immense experience in DevOps platforms such as Azure DevOps (VSTS), AWS DevOps, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc. has helped in creating a center of excellence for DevOps. Our agile DevOps and DevSecOps practices have enabled clients for smoother cultural transition and building robust CI/CD pipelines that are faster, smarter, and secured.

Full-stack Product & Test Engineering

End-to-end product engineering that can add value at any stage of SDLC. Agile development & QA automation methodologies combined with traditional product development & test engineering and application modernization & product sustenance with modern architectural approaches like microservices & serverless has helped our clientele deliver market disruptive products and services.

Emerging Technologies

Opcito’s Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data engineering expertise solutions are delivering valuable insights for our customers across the globe. We have worked with some of the advanced technologies around image processing, intelligent chatbots, forecasting & recommendation systems, data extraction, data ingestion, data processing & visualization, supervised learning, unsupervised learning methodologies. And we have helped our clientele to build real-time data pipelines, serverless ETL pipelines configured with intelligent monitoring, alert, and action recommendation systems.


"Compliance-assured delivery!"

Since we are in healthcare, there are certain international compliances that we expect our partners to follow. Opcito has indeed maintained them throughout the engagement. The overall experience has been exceptional.


SVP Engineering

Personal Health Research and Management Firm

"The team spirit is superb, and they worked as our tech partner."

Opcito Technologies delivered the project on time. The team was prompt with weekly calls and daily updates during the engagement. We are happy with the partnership we have with Opcito Technologies.

Chief of Product Ideation,

Averta Strategies

"Best offshore partner!"

They quickly adopted the working culture, turned the project around in no time, and started the actual delivery with prompt communication. Opcito is a perfect offshoring partner, and we can totally rely on them.


VP Engineering,

Mobile Internet Technology Company

"They are fast to implement solutions and well-focused on DevOps."

So far, Opcito Technologies has delivered products successfully. The development process and deliverables are all of high quality.


Director of Engineering,

Data & Infra Platform, Conviva

"Best in CloudOps!"

They helped us through our modernization journey. The Cloud adoption, starting from migrating our applications & associated workload to leveraging the true power of the cloud, was made seamless by the Opcito team.



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  • certified-experts Certified engineering experts

  • Zero IP Breach Zero IP breach till date
  • 24-7 tech-support 24 x 7 Technology support
  • Faster time to market Faster time to market
  • Best of cloud-native and serverless Best of cloud-native and serverless
  • best-ui-ux The best UI and UX expertise
  • Proven best practices Proven best practices with latest tools & platforms
  • Early adopters of new technologies Early adopters of new technologies