Adapting modern intelligent applications to the cloud has obvious advantages attached to it such as the immense computing power at your fingertips, flexible pricing options, high scalability, adaptability, and availability. Opcito experts help you to implement solutions which involve setting up cloud automation and orchestration mechanisms to enable continuous operation and deployment of multi-tenant applications.

Opcito offers unparalleled experience in serverless technologies, DevOps practices as well as in building highly scalable cloud-native applications across multiple public/private cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, vCloud, OpenStack, and CloudStack among others.

Cloud Services

  • Single-pane management dashboards
  • Governance, risk and compliance management
  • Rapid application prototyping
  • Built in recovery and roll-back
  • PaaS platform development
  • Automated application deployment and autoscaling
  • Flexible/customizable user interfaces
  • On-demand self-service offerings
  • Solution for application lifecycle management
  • Automated provisioning solution
  • Cloud management and analytics
  • Self-service portals, service catalogue management
  • Cloud brokerage and analytics
  • Serverless event-driven applications
  • Stable application with zero latency

Cloud Automation

Application Migration
  • Assistance with infrastructure, application, and data migration to cloud
  • Ensure secure and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Enhanced data integrity, application portability, and business continuity
Continuous Operations
  • Application performance monitoring for full stack problem identification and resolution
  • Exhaustive A/B testing to enhance overall performance and reliability
  • Automate processes and integrate with complex configuration management systems
  • Incident management solutions to tackle system failure
Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous integration and automation resulting in reduced time to market
  • Fault-tolerant solution using backup and disaster recovery
  • Automate product deployment to production environment

Compliance Management and Governance
  • Risk management associated with cloud migration or deployment
  • Industry regulated and government legislation compliant solutions
  • Track and manage critical actions and provide appropriate solution
  • Infrastructure log monitoring and remediation solution

Our Key Offerings


Assess your existing applications to leverage cloud architecture and SaaS services for better scale and agility


Migrate your existing applications and data to other public/private cloud platforms


Design and automate continuous integration and continuous deployment processes using public/private cloud platforms for complex applications resulting in better agility

Cloud Automation

Design and develop multi-cloud management and orchestration solutions

Cloud Brokerage Platform

Design and develop cloud brokerage platform across different public/private clouds and SaaS integration services

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Design and develop hyper-converged infrastructure monitoring solutions
Serverless application

Serverless Application

Assess and re-architect your applications to consume hosted SaaS services and deploy it on serverless architecture to optimize costs and improve application scalability and agility


Design and develop web-based applications to consume SaaS/ PaaS services to build robust multi-layered software
Tools & Frameworks

Opcito’s understanding of cloud services and application migration helped us to effortlessly build a hyper-converged infrastructure. Their team has excellent grasp of this space and will be our GO TO team for future needs in this space.


VP Engineering, Software services company June 20, 2017

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