Transform your business with our expertise in
cloud product engineering cloud services integration application migration multi-cloud management and orchestration

Opcito’s CloudOps offerings

Experience the power of the cloud at your fingertips with our unparalleled experience in designing and developing robust single/multi-layered applications across multiple public and private cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, vCloud, OpenStack, CloudStack

Cloud migration

Migrate your existing applications and data from physical and virtual environments to any public/private cloud platform

Cloud automation

Design and develop multi-cloud management and orchestration solutions for automated provisioning and managing of compute workloads

Hyper-converged infrastructure

Design and develop hyper-converged infrastructure monitoring, analytics, orchestration, and optimization solutions

Serverless applications

Assess and re-architect applications to consume hosted SaaS services and deploy it on serverless architectures to optimize costs and improve application scalability and agility

Cloud-readiness assessment

Assess your existing applications to leverage cloud architecture and SaaS services for better scale and agility

Cloud brokerage platform

Aggregate, integrate, customize, design and develop cloud brokerage solutions across different public/private clouds and SaaS integration services

Platform and technology stack




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