• DevSecOps: Building Security into Your DevOps Processes

    DevOps enables organizations that embrace the movement and culture to be more competitive by enabling faster, more reliable software releases by leveraging automation to replace manual processes involved in shipping software. A side effect of this speed is that security tools and processes need to move at the same pace to keep up. The idea driving DevSecOps or Rugged DevOps is to bake the security testing of the application under development into the process used to ship it. Automation of these processes is helping us in combining the strengths of both computers and people.

    What are the best practices for implementing DevSecOps in your organization?

    This whitepaper will answer this question by giving a comprehensive idea of possible best practices that can be implemented for secured DevOps.

  • Continuous Testing in DevOps

    Software has shifted from a role of supporting the business to being a major source of innovation resulting in increased demands for faster development. Agile development is a result of this demand, increasing the speed of development and delivery. However, this increased pace of development has meant more pressure on Ops and QA teams to release more software reliably.
    Test teams face a trifecta of pressures based around:

    • Increasing complexity of software that is being tested
    • Cost of maintaining dedicated testing environments that cover all supported platforms
    • Shortened delivery schedules impact time available for testing

    This Opcito whitepaper briefs about addressing these issues with DevOps, Automation, Virtualization, Cloud, and Continuous testing.

  • DevOps Tooling from AWS

    DevOps is a set of cultural philosophies, tools, and practices that allow an organization to deliver software more reliably and faster with fewer defects than an organization using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. Opcito’s latest whitepaper helps you understand “Why choose AWS as your DevOps partner?” and it will introduce you to AWS DevOps services like:

    • Version Control
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    • Microservices
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Monitoring and Logging
    • Platform as a Service
  • Cloud Migration: Questions to Answer Before You Migrate

    Planning to move to cloud? Migrating to the cloud is not an easy task. There are a lot of decisions to be made before you take your first steps on the Cloud. The right tools and processes will ensure your first steps on to the cloud are successful. Answering the 5 W’s before you migrate will guarantee success.

    • Why migrate?
    • What to migrate?
    • Where to migrate?
    • What are the stages in a typical cloud migration?
    • Who to ask for help?

    Want answers to all these and other questions related to cloud migration? Here is your guide on everything you need to know for a hassle free migration to cloud…