UI/UX is quite apparent in top trends of Digital Transformation and it aids to bridge the gap between stakeholder goals and user expectations. At Opcito, we work together to create the best-in-class concepts, prototypes, user interfaces, heuristic evaluations, expert reviews, and visual experience designs to provide a rich customer experience.

Our Approach

Research and Analysis
The process involves requirements gathering and analysis to understand user goals to enhance user experience

Wireframing and Prototyping

Designing and creating a detailed clickable prototype using wireframing tools which envision the flow of the entire product before it is built

User Experience

We integrate features and details of a product together with the UI/UX perspective to enhance the user experience. It consists of factors such as expert’s review, usability testing, and content assessment

Information Architecture

In this phase, the design architecture, application cycle, and layout are created which offers a clear visualization for seamless user experience

User Interface Design

We design and develop interfaces with instructional design and illustrations that understand and reciprocate user actions

Opcito’s UI/UX Services

User-centered Design

User-centered Design

Design interactive applications which ensure that the target users easily understand the user interface
Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Design interactions that are intuitive to your project with relevant information, goals, and customer expectations
Application Development

Application Development

Architect and build applications from the initial concept to wireframes, designs, and prototypes
Modern User Interface

Modern User Interface

Design and develop a modern user interface that optimizes usability and improves responsiveness

UI/UX experts at Opcito did a great job of designing website and adhered to the timelines at all stages of the project


Product manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Management Company July 17, 2017

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