Test engineering
Quality assurance across the entire software delivery lifecycle with
accelerated testing activities ensured optimum test coverage test automation for any platform testing for agile development TestOps at the speed of DevOps

Opcito’s test engineering offerings

Automated software testing cycles for accelerated testing and continuous QA which can support validations for highly agile development teams adhering to Software Quality Assurance BEST practices that will alleviate the risks by leveraging leading QA Technologies

Test plan management

Design, plan and develop test strategies and specifications for complex applications/infrastructures

Test lab management

Design, build and manage test labs using structured test design techniques and test methodologies as per your application

Load testing

Design and automate load testing strategies for APIs and UIs to validate response times and throughput of the application

Performance testing

Evaluate quality and capability with performance testing for application, storage, virtualized or cloud infrastructure

Test automation

Design and develop robust test automation using frameworks and integrate it as a part of DevOps for complex applications

UI Test automation

Design and automate UI test cases using frameworks such as Selenium and Selenium grid for faster and high-quality software delivery across different devices and browsers

Platform and technology stack




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