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Propel your ideas into cutting-edge products
Ideate, design, and develop MVPs/POCs across different domains using modern technologies with our rapid prototyping expertise combined with our multi-domain intelligence

CloudOps experts

From cloud migration, automation, deployment, and orchestration of single and multi-cloud environments to building cloud-native applications with built-in dynamic scalability and high availability

DevOps experts

Calibrate Dev and Ops teams with cultural philosophies, tools, and practices for faster continuous software delivery without compromising reliability and security

ContainerOps experts

Packaging applications for faster development, deployment while managing orchestration and governance alongside security by leveraging the best containers as a technology has to offer

Full-stack product engineering experts

Develop and build intelligent cloud-native application systems with cutting-edge modern architectures and technologies backed by AI and big data systems

TestOps experts

Design, develop, and deploy test in lockstep with DevOps practices to ensure reliable and high-quality software across the product lifecycle

Emerging technology experts

Combine agile and continuous technologies in automation, cloud, container space with emerging technologies in the field of data science and blockchain

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Why you should be excited about Kubernetes 1.12?

I’m a bit late writing about this release of Kubernetes. It’s already their 3rd release of 2018. Looking over the release notes and playing around with the new features is clear that the focus of the last release (making internal improvements) is continued in this release. Most notable ...


How to write Ansible Roles and publish them on Ansible Galaxy?

Configuration management is one of the key areas when it comes to maintaining a fast-paced, agile, and continuous development environment. I am mentioning fast-paced because you can see the number of software and hardware updates you get day in, day out. Even the smallest of devices like your ...


Optimizing data pipeline using Big Data analytics techniques

The client is a leading business, data analytics, and marketing automation service provider company with a solution that provides their clientele with insights useful to build ...


DevSecOps: Building Security into Your DevOps Processes

DevOps enables organizations that embrace the movement and culture to be more competitive by enabling faster, more reliable software releases by leveraging automation to replace ...

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