Startup labs

Propel your ideas into cutting-edge products
Ideate, design, and develop MVPs/POCs across different domains using modern technologies with our rapid prototyping expertise combined with our multi-domain intelligence

CloudOps experts

From cloud migration, automation, deployment, and orchestration of single and multi-cloud environments to building cloud-native applications with built-in dynamic scalability and high availability

DevOps experts

Calibrate Dev and Ops teams with cultural philosophies, tools, and practices for faster continuous software delivery without compromising reliability and security

ContainerOps experts

Packaging applications for faster development, deployment while managing orchestration and governance alongside security by leveraging the best containers as a technology has to offer

Full-stack product engineering experts

Develop and build intelligent cloud-native application systems with cutting-edge modern architectures and technologies backed by AI and big data systems

TestOps experts

Design, develop, and deploy test in lockstep with DevOps practices to ensure reliable and high-quality software across the product lifecycle

Emerging technology experts

Combine agile and continuous technologies in automation, cloud, container space with emerging technologies in the field of data science and blockchain

How to engage with us

  • NDA
    We understand the importance of confidentiality and we make sure that your idea, concept, knowledge, information and data is completely secure with us.
  • High level scope discussion
    We comprehend project and process requirements, identify scope and limitations of the project and construe a high level scope of the overall project tailor-made for your requirement.
  • Requirement analysis
    We understand the requirements and design a complete execution roadmap for the project to be delivered so that you and we will have appropriate checkpoints and scheduling.
  • Select engagement model
    We offer engagement model tailored to fulfill your specific requirements and provide operational efficiency, productivity, and quality at reduced costs.
  • Project kickoff and implementation
    We ensure that the stakeholders understand the business goals driving the project. The project model is tailored in accordance to the specifications, technology, and process.
  • Project handover
    The final stage covers the user acceptance testing, user guide preparation, training, deployment of the application and hand over the application to the customers.
  • Product sustenance
    We can re-architect matured products or maintain and support your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience.