Product sustenance

Reinvigorate your product revitalize your business
Maintenance and support for your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience

L1 to Ln support

From basic bug-fixes to incident analysis, advanced troubleshooting, data migration and technical for your existing products at any stage

Sustenance engineering

Augmenting the existing product line with the addition of new services and feature extensions, test optimization, technology enhancements, localization, and customization

Re-engineering/R&D services

Leveraging emerging technologies, re-architecturing, and white-labeling for enhanced performance, scalability via thorough research, testing, development, and deployment

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Why you should be excited about Kubernetes 1.12?

I’m a bit late writing about this release of Kubernetes. It’s already their 3rd release of 2018. Looking over the release notes and playing around with the new features is clear that the focus of the last release (making internal improvements) is continued in this release. Most notable ...


How to write Ansible Roles and publish them on Ansible Galaxy?

Configuration management is one of the key areas when it comes to maintaining a fast-paced, agile, and continuous development environment. I am mentioning fast-paced because you can see the number of software and hardware updates you get day in, day out. Even the smallest of devices like your ...


Optimizing data pipeline using Big Data analytics techniques

The client is a leading business, data analytics, and marketing automation service provider company with a solution that provides their clientele with insights useful to build ...


DevSecOps: Building Security into Your DevOps Processes

DevOps enables organizations that embrace the movement and culture to be more competitive by enabling faster, more reliable software releases by leveraging automation to replace ...

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