Product sustenance

Reinvigorate your product revitalize your business
Product sustenance
Maintenance and support for your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience

L1 to Ln support

From basic bug-fixes to incident analysis, advanced troubleshooting, data migration and technical for your existing products at any stage

Re-engineering/R&D services

Leveraging emerging technologies, re-architecturing, and white-labeling for enhanced performance, scalability via thorough research, testing, development, and deployment

Sustenance engineering

Augmenting the existing product line with the addition of new services and feature extensions, test optimization, technology enhancements, localization, and customization


Analysis of re-platforming needs, investigation of suitable platforms, cost-benefit analysis, going fully cloud-native and/or integration with other platforms

How to engage with us

  • NDA
    We understand the importance of confidentiality and we make sure that your idea, concept, knowledge, information and data is completely secure with us.
  • High level scope discussion
    We comprehend project and process requirements, identify scope and limitations of the project and construe a high level scope of the overall project tailor-made for your requirement.
  • Requirement analysis
    We understand the requirements and design a complete execution roadmap for the project to be delivered so that you and we will have appropriate checkpoints and scheduling.
  • Select engagement model
    We offer engagement model tailored to fulfill your specific requirements and provide operational efficiency, productivity, and quality at reduced costs.
  • Project kickoff and implementation
    We ensure that the stakeholders understand the business goals driving the project. The project model is tailored in accordance to the specifications, technology, and process.
  • Project handover
    The final stage covers the user acceptance testing, user guide preparation, training, deployment of the application and hand over the application to the customers.
  • Product sustenance
    We can re-architect matured products or maintain and support your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience.