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Answering all your software product engineering and QA needs from conceptualization and prototyping to a sustainable product.

What do we offer?

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Product development

End-to-end product development starting with ideation and proof of concept or minimum viable product, rapid prototyping to a full-fledged product release with intelligent product engineering experts 

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Rearchitecting and re-platforming of your legacy applications and infrastructures with new-age technologies with a complete product lifecycle management for maximized ROI 

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UI/UX engineering

Conceptualizing and designing meaningful and practical UI/UX experience with leading development and test platforms and technologies for the best front-end and mobile UI development 

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SaaS/PaaS engineering

Building next-gen applications and platforms that are auto-scalable and capable of achieving your business objectives by leveraging the best of cloud and containers

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Performance engineering

A systematic, quantitative approach to the cost-effective development of software systems to meet performance requirements that create the best customer experience even in extreme load conditions

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Quality assurance and test engineering

Quality assurance and test engineering that matches the increased speed of development with automated software testing techniques such as unit testing, regression testing, system testing, performance testing for reliable software release

Why Product and Test Engineering with Opcito?

Building products from scratch or adding business revolutionizing extensions to existing product lines through innovating, ideating, designing, prototyping, and developing future-ready products with best-in-class engineering talent and automated software testing cycles for accelerated testing and continuous QA

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DevOps maturity models

DevOps experts who can provide a thorough assessment of the state of DevOps, recommend cultural and practical changes accordingly to meet your scalability and usability expectations

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Cloud-brokerage platforms

CloudOps experts who can aggregate, integrate, and customize multi-cloud IaaS and PaaS environments and applications to utilize them in a more efficient way

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Single-pane management dashboards

Experts who can manage and orchestrate your geographically dispersed and virtually distributed IT infrastructure to eliminate silos and reduce management overheads, fragmentation, and loss of agility

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Microservices transitioning

Application modernization experts who leverage a microservice-based architecture for better scalability, cleaner coding, easier deployments for rapid provisioning with a simplified transition from legacy monoliths

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