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Newsletter, September 2021


Cloud Governance for Cloud Coherence

"Cloudify everything" seems to be the mantra for major enterprises. The adoption has become the new normal, and the trends of IT expenses show that cloud is one of the fastest-growing segments...read more



Augmenting CloudOps with Cloud Incident Response

The pandemic forced the world to discover new ways to deal with almost everything. It also changed the way we work. While we are all settled in "the new normal" - work from home scenario, it has forced...read more


Optimizing IT operations with Elasticsearch Machine Learning

In the 21st Century, data is the biggest commodity. The value you can rip out of data is immense. However, you need a sophisticated system to analyze data to get valuable insights. There are multiple...read more


Simplifying AWS environments with AWS Landing Zone and Control Tower

A lot has been spoken and written about the cloud and the advantages it offers. However, with all these benefits, there are some complexities that one needs to deal with; the major one is the...read more

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