Newsletter, September 2019

01_From the CEOs desk-1 Form the CEO's desk

Serverless isn’t exactly serverless!

The evolution of computing gained momentum when the size of computing machines started reducing from the size of a building to that of a human palm. Virtualization added fuel to the fire and cloud computing has taken it to a higher level altogether... Read More

Why do your DevOps teams need to “shift left”?

Testing has been an integral part of the software development process since the start. A more software-defined approach to product development has resulted in accelerated product development. To match this accelerated delivery speed with higher ... Read More

03_Tech blogs Tech blogs

How to configure Jenkins with High Availability?

In our quest for faster application development, we have invented, tested, and implemented several practices that have revolutionized the way we develop applications. Continuous Integration (CI) is one such DevOps practice, which has augmented the speed.. Read More

How to set up High Availability Vault with Consul backend?

Usable security, trusted delivery, and infrastructure independence are the three pillars of Docker container security that result in safer apps. Another important aspect of this security is that apps must communicate with other apps and systems in safe and secure ways... Read More

Kubernetes 1.16 is here!

Kubernetes1.16 is out now with exciting features and updates centered around custom resources and overhaul of metrics and volume extensions. This is the third release from Kubernetes this year and its release mascot this time is inspired by the Apollo 16 mission.. Read More

Multi-tenant Kubernetes Platform for Hybrid & Multi-cloud Environments

The client has products & solutions for release orchestration, deployment automation, DevSecOps, containers & microservices, among others. They wanted a SaaS-based platform that could efficiently manage the configuration & deployment of microservices... Read More

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