Newsletter, November 2017

01_From the CEOs desk-1 Form the CEO's desk

DevOps Maturity Assessment: Navigator on your DevOps Journey- 16th November

DevOps is a conventional term now and a lot has been talked, planned and brought in practice around DevOps. There is always a quantifiable outcome which you expect out of every effort you put in anything and DevOps is no exception. It is very important to understand where your organization is positioned on the DevOps maturity scale to set goals for DevOps and formulating a roadmap to... Read More


03_Tech blogs-1Tech blogs

Complex Infrastructure Management with Terraform and Bash Script as Wrapper - 3rd November

Continuous Improvement in Monitoring with Prometheus 2.0 - 9th November

Provisioning an Autoscaling Infrastructure using Ansible AWX - 23rd November



05_What our customers say What our customers say:

“I would like to congratulate the Opcito team on a job well done! Their expertise in application performance management has helped us to bring down the root-cause analysis time significantly.”

- VP Engineering, Automated Customer Retention Platform Company

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