Newsletter, May 2018

AWS Summit Mumbai

Highlights of the AWS Summit Mumbai 2018

The AWS Global Summit-athon 2018 kicked off earlier this year in March, with the first summit in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14th March 2018. The AWS Summit Mumbai concluded on 10th May 2018 and no wonder, it too...Read More

03_Tech blogs-1 Tech blogs

Configuring an Office JS word add-in with ReactJS without the Yeoman generator

The Microsoft Office JavaScript APIs are available through the office.js library and they enable users to create web apps that interact with the object models in Office host applications. Office.js acts as a script loader which loads the object models that are applicable to the Office application that... Read More


04_Success story Success story

Multi-CRM integration using microservices and ETL automation for marketing automation platforms

The client is a marketing automation and data analytics company that uses data from customer CRMs to analyze and provide customers with insights that can be converted to business. The collection and analysis process was... Read More

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