Newsletter, May 2017

03_Tech blogs-1Tech Blog:

All You Need To Know About Angular 4, 11th May

AngularJS, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating and managing web application frontends released its latest update Angular 4 in March. Angular 4 supports semantic versioning and it makes the creation of single page applications even easier... Read More

Secure Your Kubernetes Clusters With RBAC, 25th May

Kubernetes released its latest version v1.6 on 22nd March, and along with a lot of other features, the beta release of RBAC was the one feature that everyone was looking forward to. RBAC helps Kubernetes admins to authorize users and groups with specific permissions related to their responsibilities resulting in highly secured container deployment... Read More


01_From the CEOs desk-1 From The CEO’s Desk:

Docker’s Moby And LinuxKit – Making Containers Mainstream!, 4th May

In DockerCon17, Solomon Hykes, CTO Docker, announced two new projects in Docker’s efforts to mainstream containers viz., Moby and LinuxKit. Moby is a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems while LinuxKit is a toolkit for building a secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers... Read More

AIOps – Minority Report Of IT World, 18th May

IT administrators have long been struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of their infrastructure monitoring needs. Is AIOps the way out? See how DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data, along with other monitoring tools are helping to monitor IT infrastructure and ensure all the functions are up and running... Read More



Cloud Migration: Questions To Answer Before You Migrate!

The cloud is a rapidly evolving technology and many organizations are reaping benefits like scalability, agility and cost efficiency. Many enterprises are planning to migrate their applications and data to the cloud. But before taking the leap to the cloud there are important questions that need to be answered.

  • Why migrate?
  • What to migrate?
  • Where to migrate?
  • What are the stages in a typical cloud migration?
  • Who to ask for help?

Opcito’s latest whitepaper helps you find answers to all these questions and can be your guide on your cloud migration journey...Read More..


04_Success story Case Studies:

Legacy Business Application Migration

See how Opcito helped one of the largest market intelligence delivery firms migrate their legacy application to the cloud, right from assessment to suggesting the right cloud to the actual migration of the application and all its data...Read More

Collaboration Application Migration To AWS

This Collaboration application migration was a daunting task because of the applications geographical distribution and the absolute need for zero downtime during the migration process. See how Opcito helped a multinational law firm with the complete migration of the application and runtime dependencies onto Amazon AWS... Read More


05_What our customers say What Our Customers say:

“Opcito’s approach and understanding of DevOps is impeccable. Their Continuous Delivery experts helped us reduce our release cycles by over 40%. Well done Team Opcito!”

- VP, Engineering – Bay area based Application Delivery Start-up


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