Newsletter, March 2022

Developer Experience Matters!

Organizational success is a result of several things done right at the right time. In the modern business era, where organizations often struggle to thrive, it is critical to stay on top of one particular aspect of business... read more

Integrating AppSec into DevOps

Changing Fintech landscape with DevOps

Every successful business has three things in common - staying on top of dynamic demands, impeccable service, and exceeding customer expectations. The financial sector is no exception to this. According... read more

DevOps - Trends to watch in 2022

How to import/export Realm in Keycloak

Security is now in the driving seat of any software development process. Organizations are adopting shift-left strategies to integrate security into every phase of software development. As security has... read more

Pulumi - simplifying Infrastructure as Code

Customizing login and signup pages in Keycloak

Application security is of utmost importance in today's ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data is a primary requirement for every organization to avoid data breaches... read more

Clutch Awards Opcito Technologies as a Leading Indian Software Developer in 2022

Opcito concludes Ionize 2022 – annual rewards and recognition program

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