Newsletter, March 2020

Amidst the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, all the governments around the world are doing what they can to contain the effects. However, it is our responsibility to prevent the spread. Together we can make it possible. Opcito requests you to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave. Take care of yourself and the people around you.


01_From the CEOs desk-1Form the CEO's desk

Securing the Serverless

In one of my earlier posts, serverless isn’t exactly serverless, I wrote about how serverless, an operational model in cloud computing, is helping organizations in outsourcing the routine tasks to remote... Read More


Ensuring successful DevOps with APM

Speed has been an essential component of any evolution. The need for speed brought forth wheels and the same need for speed in application development brought cultural shifts like DevOps. With this increased speed... Read More


03_Tech blogs-1Tech blogs

How to successfully run Jenkins inside a Kubernetes Cluster?

Jenkins is a free and open-source automation server. It assists you to set up a continuous integration or continuous delivery for various combinations of languages. Also, you can set up source repositories... Read More

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