Newsletter, June 2021

Opcito is now "Great Place To Work!"

Great place to work

These are the areas that our employees rated us the most -

  • Credibility of management
  • Respect for people
  • Fairness at the workplace
  • Camaraderie between people
  • Pride


Announcing our newly introduced center of excellence for Contract Lifecycle Management solutions!


Simplifying configuration management with Configuration as Code

With the surging speed of development and deployments, tracking the release pipeline and changes made is becoming difficult. Configuration is no exception to this. Configuration manage.... read more

DevOps: Days of Future Past


Tree Shaking simplified with Webpack!

Adding Content Controls into Word document using Office JS

Content controls are the defined regions within a document that are utilized for containing specific content. Multiple day-to-day applications use content controls. Consider an online form.... read more

Lifecycle methods and Hooks in React

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