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DevOps with Microsoft Azure


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Data ingestion with Hadoop Yarn, Spark, and Kafka

As the technology is evolving, introducing newer and better solutions to ease our day to day hustle, a huge amount of data is generated from these different solutions in different formats like sensors, logs, and databases. The amount of data being generated is only going one... Read More


Building a real-time data pipeline using Spark Streaming and Kafka

In one of our previous blogs, Aashish gave us a high-level overview of data ingestion with Hadoop Yarn, Spark, and Kafka. Now it’s time to take a plunge and delve deeper into the process of building a real-time data ingestion pipeline. To do that, there are multiple technologies which... Read More


Microservices deployment strategies on Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides a very advanced platform for making continuous deployment a reality for software development teams. Continuous deployments and delivery take away the dread and crunch associated with deploying new code to users. The ability to reliably deploy code...Read More


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