Newsletter, July 2020

DevOps & SRE: competitors or companions?

Not long ago, automation in IT was fairly a new concept. All the IT operations, mostly the administrative jobs, were carried out without automation. Automation started gaining momentum in the middle of the... Read More

How low-code can fit into the DevOps culture

The digital transformation drive has resulted in better and faster software development needs. The faster development needs have resulted in increased demand for a talent pool that is capable enough to deliver what is expected... Read More


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Skaffold – Kubernetes-native app development simplified

Kubernetes has been a go-to tool for orchestration for most of the DevOps folks. And to manage Kubernetes components, most of us prefer Helm. Now, consider a scenario where the codes in the file, Docker images, and manifest files need to be amended... Read More

Local Kubernetes development simplified with Skaffold

In one of our previous blogs Skaffold – Kubernetes-native app development simplified, we talked about the basics of Skaffold and how it is responsible for quick & automated deployment... Read More

Styling applications made easy with Sass

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is widely popular because of the simplicity it offers while presenting web applications. It comprises of style sheets which are long lists that have rules to describe how your web page should look like.... Read More

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